February 7, 2012
February 7, 2012


How you can make an impact

GHM Facebook — Picture of the Month

Do you have an awesome picture that is worthy of being published in Guy Harvey Magazine? Well, here is your chance to show it off! Recently, we started posting some of the awe-inspiring images from our magazine onto our Facebook page. Our fans have responded and told us that they love this new feature. So, now it’s your turn!

Step 1 — Take a killer picture that is Guy Harvey worthy.

Step 2 — Upload and describe your picture at

Step 3 — If people like it, we post it. If people love it, we put it in the magazine.

Post Your Feedback on Articles—All our articles have the ability for people to post their comments and engage with other readers. 

Share Our Stories—When reading a story online that you feel compelled to share, look to the top of each article and click on the icon for the social network that you participate in to start spreading the word.

Send Us Stories—Know of something happening that Guy Harvey fans need to hear? Send it our way. Email and we’ll do our best to post it on

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