by Marcus Chavers | News Ledge

Marcus Chavers |

Marcus Chavers |

I’m giving the company props off the name alone. How perfect is Wormy? You have to salute a company that manages to snap up the domain

What is Wormy offering? A fishing pole that swaps out the old collapsible rod for interchangeable stainless steel spring poles. Sure, you won’t be hauling in record breakers on the beach, but anglers have poles for every scenario.

Including the ‘how the hell do I get back to that pool’ scenario. We’ve all been there. Boulders, algae covered rocks and vines that defy logic. Walk back there with your normal fishing setup and you’ll be cursing ever attempting it.

The Wormy compact fishing system is designed to get around that problem. It’s modular, allowing you to swap out rods depending on the fish you are after. That modular feature means it travels incredibly well. No more renting fishing gear on your vacation. Read more…

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