By Fred Garth


Greenwich Wine + Food Festival featuring Guy Harvey Magazine Fishing Village

If you work really hard, it’s amazing how much fun you can pack into 48 hours. And that was our mission last weekend at the swanky Greenwich Wine and Food Festival, where my lovely wife and I mingled with the well-adorned beautiful people. Just a scant 30-minute UBER ride from NYC landed us in the opulent haven of Greenwich, Connecticut where people ask, “Who are you wearing?” and car watching goes like this: Beemer, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Audi, Bentley, Audi, Beemer, Beemer.

The gathering was a perfect excuse to escape Florida’s heat, bask in early Fall weather and, as was required by the very name of the event, drink a wide variety of wines and eat exotic foods prepared by world famous chefs. Oh, and did I mention that Little Big Town played a little big gig for us? Sorry, I must have been blinded by Kathy Lee Gifford’s lavish jewelry.


GHM partners Scott and Shannon Smith serving rum samples and cutting up with attendees

Whilst the food and wine was simply delish, Guy Harvey Magazine was there to spread the fishing and conservation message. And the prosperous audience loved it because fishing crosses all demographics. Sure, some of us surf cast with dead shrimp while others chase sailfish from their 72-foot Vikings. But, we all share a love of fishing. And that’s why we linked up with Billy Ingraham, who owns the Sportsman’s Den in Greenwich and knows all about catching striped bass and their New England brethren. He’s also a monster Guy Harvey fan. So, of course, we’re new BFFs.


The festival itself was, and there’s no pun intended here, off the hook. Cooking demos were sumptuous with celebrity chefs like Rocco Dispirito, who thousands of women including my wife have a secret crush on, Adam Richman of Man Finds Food (formerly Man vs Food), and Rebel Chef Terry French, the high-octane Extreme Chef winner. GHM even got into the act and served red snapper ceviche at our booth.


The GH Magazine Fishing Village

The live music was the absolute truffle on top of my caviar. My new favorite alternative country band, Accumulation of Dust, put on a killer show that was followed by super act, Little Big Town, the band that received the most CMA awards this year. LBT blew away our intimate little crowd of Ralph Lauren’s and Vineyard Viners. They nailed Girl Crush and Pontoon and had us all chaffing our vocal chords.


It’s true that my wife and I were on the posh scene for less than 48 hours yet we met hundreds of wonderful people, ate like gluttons, had a few adult beverages, spread the good conservation message and heard some fab tunes. She didn’t run away with Rocco and I didn’t sneak off to go fishing so, even in our restraint, we flourished. Next year, though, I’m going fishing and, just to be safe, I’m taking her with me.


The GHM booth represents in Greenwich, CT


GHM partners Scott and Shannon Smith serving rum samples and cutting up with attendees

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