By Fred Garth

Some days are magical. But why? Maybe my coffee was a little bit stronger. Maybe it was the fairy dust I sprinkled on my granola. Maybe God decided I needed a little love. Whatever the reason, I’ll take It. The morning began on a conference call with the good people at Costa del Mar – Liza Jones and Michel Lozen. Both are super cool and the conversation flowed well. I mean, when can you have a fifteen-minute conversation with folks you’ve just met and get a new pair of sunglasses out of the deal?

“So can I send you a pair of our new Double Haul sunglasses to review in the magazine?” Liza asked.

“Sure, okay,” I replied calmly. “Why not send a couple of pairs, just in case.”

There was a bit of silence then she said, “Uh…”

“Or one pair would be good,” I quickly replied.

Such is the life of a magazine editor.

Editor Fred Garth with a speckled trout that he caught near the end of a magical day.

Editor Fred Garth with a speckled trout that he caught near the end of a magical day.

We talked about a crazy fishing initiative in Guyana, South America where they have true River Monsters. The Costa folks are helping to train the local villagers how to guide for the fish. That way when the hard core fishermen from the northern continent come down, these fishing guides can earn a good living and not deplete the resource. It’s all catch and release so the sustainability factor is 10 out of 10.

Minutes after we hung up my iPhone buzzed to life. Again, there were two people on the line, Ken Andres and Mary Jane Williamson from the Amercian Sportfishing Association. We chatted about the upcoming ICAST show in Orlando, what Guy Harvey was going to be doing, and the conservation efforts of the ASA and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. It’s fun to talk about the good stewardship going on in the fishing community.

The day continued to sparkle. Our art director, Leslie Ward, designed an incredible cover for our next issue with some sweet redfish art by Guy Harvey. I think it’s our best cover ever. Lunch was even tastier than normal. A club sandwich on a soft croissant, if you must know.

The afternoon buzzed along productively and I hardly noticed the traffic on the drive home. As I stood on my deck after a solid day of work, I watched the yellow sun sinking into a pinkish red horizon. I sipped a cold beverage and noticed some fish rising. In minutes I was in my kayak with my fly rod and a freshly tied lure. I paddled to some nearby grass beds and quickly caught a small trout and a 14-inch redfish, both of whom I released to live long and prosper.

The sun had set and the light was fading quickly but fish were still crashing the surface so I made a few more casts in the near darkness. Suddenly a beefy speckled trout blasted out of the water like it was hitting a top water lure. A split second later I realized he’d hit my lure. We battled for close ten minutes. I landed the fish and gently brought her on board so I could quickly paddle back to the house. I called my 11-year-old daughter down to the water to shoot a photo so I could release this mama to birth more babies.

Wow, I thought, what a fitting end to a fine day. I pulled up the kayak and walked to the house with a silly smile. After a nice supper with my family, I noticed a twinkle in my wife’s eyes as she reached over and held my hand warmly. Hmm, the magic continued. I could only smile and say a little prayer for another day like this one sometime soon.

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