November 18, 2012
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November 27, 2012

AFTCO Guy Harvey Sportswear Participate in Soles4Souls


Bill Shedd hands out Guy Harvey T-Shirts as Jill Shedd waits to send people to next station and Christie Shedd passes on next shirt


Four years ago, I received a phone call from Jack McCulloch (McCulloch’s Wide Shoes) who said he had linked up with a group called Soles4Souls, an organization started by two Alabama brothers. Their mission is to pass out shoes to people who need them, and since 2005 had given away over 16,000,000 pairs. They were putting together a program to pass out shoes to folks in the East Cape of Mexico, and they were looking for T-shirts to go along with the shoes. Timing is everything as we had recently counted in over 5,000 second Guy Harvey T-shirts. The Guy Harvey brand is very picky about quality, so what would be a first quality product in many lines, becomes a second with Guy Harvey, as even the very slightest flaw is tossed into the second group.

Families waited in line from 1:00 a.m.for the 7:00 a.m. start time

Needless to say, he Guy Harvey T-shirts were a big hit in Los Barriles, a small fishing village about 50 miles south of La Paz. In the last four years, we at AFTCO, have donated over 16,000 Guy Harvey T-shirts to our Mexican friends to the south. Last year, daughter Christie went down to help pass out the shirts. She came back with such heart-warming stories of the event that this year we decided to make it a family trip.

After receiving a pair of shoes, people wait in line for a Guy Harvey T-shirt

Wife, Jill and I joined Christie for this year’s event, and it goes without saying that we will be back next year. Who would not want to return? It takes place at Palmas De Cortez, the premier fishing resort on the East Cape of Mexico where you only have to go a short distance offshore to find Dorado, Yellowfin tuna, marlin and more. We arrived a day early to insure a chance to check out this awesome offshore fishery. The next day we went to the distribution site at 5:00 AM. The first thing that struck me was that several thousand people were already in line for the 7:00 AM start time. Many had been there with their children since 1:00 AM.

This boy can’t wait to get home and try on his new tuna shirt

The next thing that struck me was how well organized the event was. Imagine over 3,000 people having their feet measured and fitted with the proper size shoe. Seasoned shoe industry professionals, from several different shoe companies, joined forces under Jack’s leadership to insure the operation was a well-oiled machine and that everybody left with a smile. To see the faces of the moms and the kids as you handed them a Guy Harvey T-shirt was priceless. Yes, we will be back next year!

– Bill Shedd

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