Darren with sailfish.jpeg

GHM’s Darren Shepard Releases Sailfish after being Tagged
Photo by: Jamie Walker

When we kicked off Guy Harvey Magazine two years ago, we were stoked to pump out some positive conservation stories. You know, your basic feel-good, catch-and-release, circle hook type stuff. Next thing we know, we’re getting more good news than a room full of lotto winners. Satellite fish tagging is expanding exponentially, there’s a sturgeon farm in Sarasota making caviar, and almost every company has some kind of green initiative. Turns out this conservation thing is for real.

One such amazing program was recently created by Jamie Walker of Frenzy Fishing in Costa Rica. Walker, a good ole, cheese-grits Southern boy from Charleston is simply trying to figure out where the marlin go during the off season. Guy Harvey Magazine bought into his quest and quickly became a sponsor of Walker’s Billfish Research Project. The first order of business was to send our intrepid wayfarer, Darren Shepard, to the land of tropical fruit, home-grown coffee and monster billfish to lend a hand.

With PSATs (pop-off satellite tags) in hand, Jamie and his crew have been catching marlin, tagging them, and tabulating the data. Darren jumped in (see photo) on the action and helped with the tagging. More recently, the project team has been employed cameras mounted on marlin for a first-time-ever visual of the billfish experience.  That video is mind blowing and coming very soon. Until then, stay tuned and be prepared to see footage like you’ve never seen before!

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