Friday began with a few photos around the Big Game Club. We can never have too much footage for future articles in Guy Harvey Magazine. Then it was off to the flats for a bonefish hunt. Skipper Gentry, a good ole North Carolina boy, who has relocated to the Big Game Club, is running offshore fishing charters from his 36-foot Hatteras. He’s also guiding a sweet 17-foot Hell’s Bay flats boat that just arrived at the resort a few days ago. In fact, this was his first time taking her out. I was honored and privileged. Turned out he just needed a warm body to ride. Glad to be of service.

We made the 15 minute jaunt into the grassy flats and immediately ran up on two schools of bones. We managed to spook them before we could get one on the hook. Shortly afterward we found another school and the Hell’s Bay was a quiet as a baby sleeping. The light chop slipped past the hull without a sound and the school of big bonefish hung around feeding for at least 30 minutes.

A few small lemon sharks kept the bonefish moving away from us so Skipper advised me to shift to shark fishing. Minutes later I was hooked up on a 20 pounder and spent the next hour catching and releasing sharks on the flats.

We didn’t catch a bonefish but it’s like the greenhorn who asked the gunslinger if he’d killed anybody that day. The guy eyeballed the greenhorn and said, “No, but the day ain’t over yet.” Skipper and I are headed back out to hook a bone. The day ain’t over yet.

Contact information for Skipper Gentry:

Phone: 242.473.4893



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