Guy Harvey
June 8, 2013
SeaDek, Inc.
July 7, 2013

Biscayne Legacy Trolling Rods

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Trolling rods are considered the big guns of offshore fishing.  Quality, durability and capability in the trolling rod should be demanded, and that is exactly what this series of Biscayne Rod Legacy Rods will give you.  This series of rods was originally designed and manufactured back in the early 1960’s by Biscayne Rod.  The only changes that have been made to them are the integration of new and improved rod component parts.  Blank design, length, grip size and guide placement have not been changed.  Through the years, Biscayne Rod has private-labeled this exact series of trolling rods for great company names such as Tycoon Fin-nor, Pompanette, The Marine Collection and Bass Pro Shop, just to name a few.  The only difference in the rods is the color choice and the private-label decals.  Biscayne Rod is now cutting out the middle man and selling direct to you, the customer.  Biscayne Rod is selling you the best and highest quality fishing rod on the market at the best price available today.

legacy rod

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