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March 7, 2012
Catch & Release Survival Tools
March 7, 2012

Catch & Release Survival Tools


Some of our favorite catch and release tools right now.

AFTCO Tailer

This unique gaff trades the traditional hook for a wide loop of springy, stainless steel aircraft cable that slips over the fish’s tail and cinches down with a quick, upward pull of the handle. The four-foot-long anodized aluminum handle is tapered for easier handling and a swivel built into the cable helps keep control of fish that roll and twist. The cable itself is plastic-coated to further help protect the fish. $100;

Pelagic End Game Gloves

Armored with Kevlar, Pelagic’s fish mitts are just the thing for going mano-a-mano with several hundred pounds of thrashing fish flesh. These gloves protect from line cuts during the battle and from the fish itself during landing or releasing. Closed fingertips give maximum protection, and a Velcro closure ensures a snug fit. $40;

Team Marine Venting Tools

Available in multiple sizes, we like the Pro Series PV-1. The retractable needle makes this tool easy to store, and its unique tip is designed to vent fish with a minimum of tissue damage. The aluminum body and stainless steel parts also make it just the thing for caustic saltwater environments. $35;

Van Staal 7-inch Pliers

If you can hang onto to a pair of Van Staal pliers, you should never have to buy another pair. The titanium body is lightweight, ultra corrosion resistant and practically indestructible. The blunt-nose design is perfect for fast work around frisky fish and we like the spring-loaded line cutter with replaceable tungsten parts. $360;

ARC Sportsman Dehooker

The ARC dehookers come in a range of sizes, but this 16-inch stainless steel model is ideal for medium size fish typical to inshore fishing and many reefs. It’s recommended for hook sizes 2/0 to 9/0. The T-handle design is simple to use and allows fish to remain in the water while being released, even when a hook
is embedded deep in the throat. $19;

Sportsman’s Release Knife

Everyone knows it’s a bad idea to wave a pointed blade around on a crowded, rolling boat deck. But it still happens. Instead, grab a Sportman’s Release Knife. Its twin, inward-facing blades are encased in a nearly indestructible polymer handle and shrouded in a hooked end that makes it easy to slice through the heaviest mono. Get one for your wire man and make everybody happy. Get a few more, make them standard equipment for everyone on your deck, and make fishing the blue water just a little safer. $20;


The original fish-lip gripper, this is just the thing when you have to pull a fish out of the water. Its unique design keeps your hands from wiping off the fish’s slimy, protective coating and the built-in scale gives an instant reading for your logbook or the record books. A stainless body and durable construction make it great for saltwater use. Available in three sizes, the largest handles fish up to 60 lbs. $125-$250;

Accurate 6-inch Offshore Piranha Pliers

Excellent for smaller hands, these trimmed down, 6-inch pliers are built with aircraft aluminum frames and special inserts at the jaws for ultra durability. Cuts everything from mono to single and multi-strand wire, as well as all braided line sizes. Cutters and jaws can both be replaced. $135;

BLACKTIP Catch & Release Recompression Tool

Named West Marine’s 2011 Green Product of the Year, the BLACKTIP’s spring-loaded jaws safely grip a fish’s mouth so it can be lowered to the bottom. Once the weight (supplied by the fisherman) touches down, the fish is released. Made from anodized aluminum with brass swivels and pins for saltwater use. $49.99;


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