By Christian Wagley | 350 Pensacola

PENSACOLA — Pensacola’s first-ever Clean Energy Fest brings an exciting music lineup to the heart of East Hill on Saturday, Nov. 14 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Local and regional music acts cover a range that includes folk, old time Bluegrass, electro hip-hop, and more. The event is part of the 2015 Pensacola Foo Foo Festival, and will be held at the historic Sacred Heart Hospital at 1010 North 12th Avenue, Pensacola.

The Clean Energy Fest music stage is powered by 100% clean energy from pedal power, as attendees can take their turn on the bicycle that delivers electricity to the stage with every turn of the pedals. The featured performer is Team Green World, a troupe of artists and musicians who encourage environmental stewardship through entertaining and educational performances.

The troupe’s performers include Donna Britton, Ross Orenstein, and Leslie Ellis. A special dance performance of Team Green World’s “Lean Green Dancing Machine” will be choreographed by Eleanor Johnson and features children from the Milk and Honey Outreach Ministries and other children from the community. Team Green World’s puppet show to motivate children to “think ecologically” features puppeteers from N.B. Cook Elementary School of the Arts. Here’s the full performance lineup:

11:00 Mad Happy

11:55 Team Green World Puppet Show

12:10 String Farm

1:00 Team Green World Puppet Show

1:15 Lean Green Dancing Machine 

1:30 Team Green World

2:00 Mike Potters

3:00 Lean Green Dancing Machine

3:15 Team Green World

4:00 Sassafrass

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