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February 16, 2012
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February 26, 2012

Do Megayachts and Green Boating Go Hand in Hand?

By Fred Garth

Welcome to Guy Harvey Magazine’s new humdinger website or as we call it GHM 3.0. I’m Fred Garth, your humble servant and the magazine’s editor-in-chief. For simplicity, the staff just calls me the Freditor. You’re reading my very first semi-daily blogs where I reveal to you extremely cool stuff you won’t find anywhere else but here – from Guy Harvey’s new grouper documentary to secrets from last week’s Miami Boat show where I spent four days dragging my butt all over the concret floor of the Miami Convention Center. I sacrificed my feet, knees, stomach, and feeble brain so that you, our esteemed readers, can stay informed. That’s just the way I roll.


So enough of the fluff, right? Here’s a little meat and potatoes from the Miami BS (that stands for Boat Show not the other thing). First of all, I had the opportunity to tour the ridiculously awesome megayacht, Diamonds Are Forever. Famed yacht builder John Staluppi (who would be played by Robert “you-looking-at-me” DeNiro in the movie) created a 200-foot palace on the water that blew my mind. A six-story round elevator, an engine room cleaner than dishes fresh out of the dishwasher, and staterooms so enticing that Brad would drop kick Angelina for a life at sea. Amazingly, the day after my tour, the opulent DAF sold for around $70MM. No, neither I nor Guy Harvey was the purchaser. I like my 22-foot Sea Hunt, thank you very much. Two questions I can’t answer: who was the buyer and what will Staluppi build next?

On the complete opposite side of the conservation spectrum, our friends at West Marine were touting the latest Green Boating Products. While the DAF burns more fuel than the entire state of Delaware during rush hour, West Marine has introduced fuel-saving engines for those of us who make less than a few million a year. I’ve been a fan of Torqeedo’s electric outboard engine since I saw it a couple of years ago. It’s the greenest outboard on the planet and they have a set up that will run an inflatable dinghy at 15 knots. The downside, they’re quite pricy. However, now Lehr has introduced a couple of propane powered outboards so you can grill your fish and run your skiff off the same tank. No kidding. Plus, it’s 50% less fuel cost, puts no gas into the water and has zero evaporative emission. Pretty friggin’ cool, I must say. They showed a 2.5 hp and a 5 hp at the boat show and plan to bring out higher power models in the future.

fred-headshot_0So, if you didn’t think the Miami Boat Show was well rounded, think again. From kayaks to killer yatchs and everything in between. And that’s no BS from the Freditor!

Fred D. Garth is the Editor-in-Chief of Guy Harvey Magazine. His articles have been published in dozens of newspapers and magazines around the world. Fred has also written three novels and is working on his fourth. Contact him at editor@guyharvey.fish

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