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January 27, 2012
Torqeedo Powers Inflatable Sea Eagle Tender
January 27, 2012

First Day of Fishing The Megadock Billfish Tournament

The first day of fishing The Megadock Billfish Tournament began at 4:30 a.m. for most of us. I am fishing "The Ballistic," as the Lady Angler on a 58′ foot Viking owned by Hutch Holseberg, President of Key West Boats and an interesting crew of 10. We are on a mission to catch a "BIG BLUE" and are rigged up solely for that catch with 50’s and 130’s. Hutch’s mentality is to "go big or not at all!" We are being Captained by one of the best, Jimmy McCormic, a long time veteran of these waters, and Hutch’s fishing partner for 15 years. They have competed in Billfish tournaments throughout St. Thomas and the Bahamas and have been crew mates in Guatemala and Venezuela.

Per tournament rules, lines went in at 8 am. We settled in to a spot with a temp break of 2 degree difference and found a little rip. Scattered weeds were amongst us with no real definition We had a cut off from a wahoo bite and blue run through our lines out of curiosity but no appetite. Not much to report except to say that we eliminated the places to fish! The crew worked hard in synocracity and are spirits are high for a better day on Saturday, our alternate fishing day as opposed to today. Some of the other guys had better results and here they are.
Tournament Standings/Boat Name/Angler/Weight
1rst Place Billfish: Cacique/1000 pts. (5) Sails
2nd Place Billfish: Jabez/ 800 pts. (4) Sails
3rd Place Billfish: Full Pull/ 700 pts. (2) Sails (1) White
4th Place Billfish: Artemis/ 600 pts. (3) Sails
1rst Place Tuna: Rodeo/ Amy Bennett/ 21.4
1rst Place Dolphin: Game On/Scott Frasier/ 30.4
1rst Place Wahoo: El Tejano/ Montukie Lewis/ 42.4
Youth Angler: Billfishing/ Karlie Boggus/ 6.0 dolphin
Lady Angler: Rodeo/Amy Bennett/ 21.4
After a very long day on the water, these weary seamen needed a good drink and something wonderful to eat. The Marina Variety Restaurant is catering for us and was happy to be the taste tester. Shrimp and Grits with a tasso ham gravy and fresh fruit was just what we all needed.
Met the cutest little youth angler of the age of six by the name of Rance Jennings with the Sadie Beth,  a very respectable fishing boat that I will be with during the Edisto Tournament. This savvy little angler has already has more titles under his belt and his tender age than some of us in our 30’s. I have to say that after a long day of fishing this little angler held up his end of the bargain. Someday he will surely hold his own in countless tournaments to come.
These men like all the rest, are vicious competitors and will do whatever it takes to catch the biggest beast of the sea. We are all grateful for the wonderful opportunity to voyage across the great blue and have the time of our lives. This tournament is only one of many stepping stones for a close-knit family created through billfishing.

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