By Fred Garth

Without a doubt the most impressive green vessel at the 2011 Miami Boat Show was the Greenline 33 Hybrid. This is a true luxury cruiser built from the ground up as an electric/solar/diesel hybrid. Even the tagline, “The Future is Now” is not an exaggeration. The 33-foot Greenline has won numerous awards and is built by Seaway, a 28-year-old Slovenian boat builder that produces large sail and power yachts. Seaway is no garage operation. Their Skagen sailing yachts range up to 150 feet and their 50-foot Shipman is a beauty. But the Greenline is their latest technological marvel.

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With a large solar panel built into the hardtop roof, the Greenline provides carbon-free power without compromising on luxury. The interior is well appointed with big-screen TV, air conditioning throughout, a full galley, and everything you’d expect in your personal cruiser. One difference is the sleek hull design which may not be as stable as a wide-beamed trawler but offers less friction for better efficiency.

The Greenline can be powered three ways – shore power, diesel power, or pure electric power from the big burning star in the sky.  The batteries can be fully charged by the sun but also by the diesel engine when you’re at anchor or if you’re using more power than the sun can provide.

The boat has a cruising speed of 12 knots, but if you’re just using the electric engine, she cruises at six knots. At four knots, she will go for five hours on a fully charged battery bank. And at three knots, Greenline will run forever, as long as there sun is shining. Its 1.3 kW solar roof and the hybrid drive (5kW generator/7kW electric motor integrated in one unit) provide a constant supply of electric power on board.

The Greenline is the first real solar/electric/hybrid luxury cruiser that was built to provide comfort, stability, and energy efficiency. And it does all three beautifully. If the future is now, I can’t wait to see what they come up when the future is the future.

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