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January 27, 2012
Golden Prize ~ Sold Out
January 27, 2012

Guy Harvey Passes 300,000 Fans on Facebook


It’s official, Guy Harvey is a Facebook phenom. He might not have achieved Ashton Kutcher’s e-society geek status with millions of Twitter followers but on February 1, 2012, at 10:53 EST, his fanbase on the Facebook rocket ship blasted past the 300,000 mark. Guy’s popularity began 20 years ago with his fabulous marine art and then slowly blossomed with his ubiquitous t-shirts seen at every fishing dock, tournament, and beach bar bungalow. But he never would have imagined that in less than two years hundreds of thousands would be following him online.
“It’s an amazing phenomenon,” Guy said, “especially seeing all the young people who are attracted to my artwork, apparel, and conservation efforts.”
In fact, the Guy Harvey popularity surge toward high-school and college kids is due in part to the explosion in social media and his message of ocean conservation which resonates so strongly with today’s youth. Ten years ago the Guy Harvey demographic was mostly grizzled fishing dudes with sun-faded Guy Harvey t-shirts stained in mahi-mahi blood and guts. Today, that paradigm has shifted dramatically. Sure the hard-core fishermen are still solid fans but women and kids are identifying with Guy Harvey more and more as is evident with the meteoric growth on Facebook.
“We take a lot of pride in the quality of our products,” Guy said, “but it’s our message of conserving our oceans for future generations that is our core mission. I believe that’s one of the biggest reasons for our growing support.”
The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and the Guy Harvey Research Institute have spent millions of dollars on scientific research to help protect endangered marine species. Perhaps Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networking will help to perpetuate the vital conservation efforts of Dr. Guy Harvey.

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