Guy Harvey’s Vision

The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation will help ensure that future generations will enjoy and benefit from a naturally balanced ocean ecosystem where fish and other marine wildlife flourish. Through the support of the Foundation’s visionary friends, leading scientists will develop new strategies for sensible fisheries management, encouraging the cooperation of commercial and recreational fishers, and educators will create novel instructional programs to stimulate future scientists and new stewards of the marine environment.


A marine biologist by trade, Guy Harvey has been personally involved with marine research since he was a faculty member at the University of the West Indies. His personal knowledge and hands-on field work with Foundation-funded scientists ensure that all research projects have maximum impact on the body of marine science. All research projects will be vetted by the Scientific Advisory Board, consisting of the top marine biologists. An important requirement of all funded research is that it leads to finding common sense solutions to reversing overfishing, pollution and other threats to the marine ecosystem.


It is a mission of the Foundation to ensure that future generations benefit from a naturally balanced marine ecosystem. Whether training future scientists or advocates for the oceans, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation will fund education programs to help children and young adults understand their role in conserving our oceans.
Guy Harvey’s inspiration artwork and television programs are expanding to new media, utilized by younger generations, with lessons of common sense conservation and responsible practices on the water and at home. The Foundation works with educators, scientists, and multi-media specialists to design innovate educational programs for schools, community groups, and learners at home of all ages.

Ocean Society

The Guy Harvey Ocean Society is a national organization of local chapters designed to bring together like-minded people who actively want to contribute to the GHOF ocean conservation efforts. Members of the GHOS will interact with other members of their community to raise awareness and funds for the GHOF, organize environmental action events, and socialize in a relaxed atmosphere with fellow anglers, divers, and watermen and women.


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