Most every saltwater fisherman knows of the positive impact that Guy Harvey has made on behalf of the marine resource and the ocean angler. But not everybody can be Guy Harvey.

In this increasingly complex world, we often wonder if one individual angler can make a meaningful difference.

The answer is yes, and for proof we need look no further than John Lo Gioco. John is a New Jersey angler who loves to fish for tuna. He became concerned that more information is needed about this awesome fish, so he decided to do something about it. In 2012 he created the Atlantic Tuna Tagging Project that provides tools and information for captains and anglers who tag tuna.

John’s passion was obvious and his plan solid, so early on, AFTCO and Guy Harvey, were more than happy to support John with is effort. We provided his Atlantic Tuna Project, Guy Harvey Tuna Collage T-shirts to be given out to anglers joining his effort. I talked with John about some of the issues we dealt with in past programs, including Tag A Tuna For Tomorrow and the AFTCO TAG FLAG Program, and we gladly supported him in other ways. In 2011, the Atlantic Tuna Project was responsible for tagging 144 Bluefin, 35 Yellowfin, and 4 swordfish in the Atlantic, and 56 Yellowfin in the Pacific. Tagging results are expected to be even better in 2012, and I know the recapture below put a big smile on John’s face. Congratulations and thank you John for making a difference. More information can found at .


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