By Gary Poyssick

Vance (m) waits on the bite.

Vance (m) waits on the bite.

If you want to catch your daily limit of Mangrove Snapper — enough to feed the family or put a couple in the freezer for yourself — you simply need to follow the instructions of the people who know how to do it. This article tells you how to catch Mangrove Snapper in Tampa Bay at the bridges, which are cool spots to anchor up in summer, have an iced tea, and chum up your keeper limit of five Mangroves for the day.

The voice on the other end of the phone belonged to a long-time friend, Vance Tice, who is a story wrapped in a story. From writing a book with a good friend of his about his favorite thing (catching grouper), to stories about meeting Jimi Hendrix at one of the concerts that Vance promoted, he is a world-class renaissance man, angler and fishing instructor. His decision to buy back an original Sheaffer boat to improve his sense of well-being was understandable. We all encounter tough times, and Vance has had his share of late.

Our friend Charley was thinking of catching Mangrove Snapper and of Sheaffer boats. Charley sold one a while back, and we were going fishing on one Vance Tice had sold and then bought back. Sheaffer boats are known by a select few lucky anglers able to afford them. Overbuilt by a true boat designer who interned with Morgan, a man known around the world for his Morgan sailboats, Sheaffer’s center consoles can run in a foot of water yet easily make it out to 200′. Read more…

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