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January 27, 2012
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January 27, 2012

Megadock Billfish 2nd Day “Size Doesn’t Always Matter”

Well this has been an interesting 2nd day of the Megadock Billfish Tournament. Changes in the leader board took place today as expected.

What was not expected was for a 33′ Freeman Catamaran to reak so much havoc amongst all these larger vessels. Gotta love a CAT in turbulent waters. "Frenzy" Captained by Trey Sires took the place of Artemis in 4th place billfish, battled the rough seas today and came home with 4 tagged and released sailfish. With 25’s and 30 TLD’s this experienced crew of five did an amazing job and took 4th on the leader board.

Full Pull is now the leader for 1rst place billfish at 1100 points with now  4 sails and  2 whites!

A new lady angler, Jessica Mitchell, made the board with a 25.4 wahoo aboard a 58′ Spencer named  Crystal Blue.  Several wahoos and dolphin were weighed in as well. Here are the results…

Tournament Standings/Boat Name/Angler/Weight

1rst Place Billfish: Full Pull/1100 pts (4) Sails (2) Whites
2nd Place Billfish: Cacique/1000pts. (5) Sails
3rd Place Billfish: Jabez/ 800 pts. (4) Sails
4th Place Billfish: Frenzy/800 pts. (4) Sails
1rst Place Tuna: Rodeo/ Amy Bennett/ 21.4
1rst Place Dolphin: Blue Sky/Hew King/ 39.6
1rst Place Wahoo: El Tejano/ Montukie Lewis/ 42.4
Youth Angler: Billfishing/ Karlie Boggus/ 6.0 Dolphin
Lady Angler: Crystal Blue/Jessica Mitchell/ 25.4 Wahoo

The boat that I am fishing, The Ballistic, decided to wait for a break in the weather to run lines out there and ultimately chose Saturday to fish as the alternate day. However, as the afternoon has progressed it appears as if a small craft advisory may be in effect around 5 am. The tournament director will make the call at that time whether some of us can fish or not.

Guy Harvey Magazine and Guy Harvey Sand Carved Glass by Lex Melfi are sponsoring this tournament this year and I am the front person. I was off to the races to attend my booth and before I left I snapped a picture of a sand carving that was done as a back splash in the galley of  The Ballistic. For Hutch, the owner of Key West Boats. It measures 87" long and 11" high and illuminated with LED lights. We are auctioning off a piece of Lex Melfi’s work tomorrow at The Captain’s Dinner and Awards Ceremony that is valued at $4000.00. Guy Harvey Magazine is giving away a free copy of the mag to all crew members of the tournament as well as a 1 yr. subscription to all winners! Very generous, I might add!

I was a dock rat today. Roaming the Megadock, getting to know my friendly neighbors and introducing my artistic son, Phillip Brown to my new buddies. With sketch pad in hand he captured their sporties on canvas within minutes and had these fellas lines up to purchase one for themselves. Some of these guys love their boats more than they love their wives and are willing to pay the modest price to have their babies put on paper. Discovered quite a few little Guy Harvey fans lined up at the leaderboard during the festivities. They were anxious to have their picture taken for their idol and there expressions gives you a taste of their enthusiasm.

34 boats are eligible to fish tomorrow and we realize that as day progresses, it’s going to be quite nasty out there. The prayers to the Sea Gods so far have not been answered. The report is calling for 7-9 ft. with a sloppy chop and winds SW at 20 knots. My momma with her Charleston Gullah accent always said "When da wind blow East, da fish bite least and when da wind blows West the fish bite best."



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