By Fred Garth

Believe it or not, Guy Harvey know me before I know him. At least, that’s the way I remember it. Back in the late 1980s I was the editor of a magazine called, Scuba Times. Guy, who is passionate about scuba diving because it allows him to observe his art subjects in their natural environment, was living in the Cayman Islands. His are career was starting to take off and I was traveling to exotic places and writing about it. Tough gig, I know.

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Anyway, I think it was 1987 and I was in Grand Cayman on assignment. One Friday evening, I made my way to Sunset House because they served the best conch fritters and piña coladas on the island. I ran into my buddy Wayne Hasson, owner of the Aggressor Fleet live-aboard dive boats, and he introduced me to the very nice man, who said something like, “Nice to meet you. I’m Guy Harvey. By the way, I subscribe to Scuba Time.” He might have added, “I love your articles” or “you’re a great writer”. Or maybe I dreamed that. Either way, he knew me.

As the years passed, I followed the amazing rise of Guy’s popularity. His art and apparel became a major hit within the fishing community and his brand is now a household name. His conservation efforts are legendary. Put simply, he’s the modern day, Jacques Cousteau. I’m still just Fred, the writer.

Nevertheless, in the early 2000s Scuba Times got scooped up by a mega publishing conglomerate in Los Angeles. After a year of enjoying the fabulous SoCal climate but hating the horrendous traffic jams, I returned to the tranquility and 100% humidity of Florida. Out of the blue, in 2010, I was offered the opportunity to help launch Guy Harvey Magazine. It helped that Guy had been a subscriber to Scuba Times. We had history.

These days, it’s my great honor to help wave the Guy Harvey banner. The marine conservation accomplishment of the organization are incredibly significant and too numerous to mention in this article. I appreciate his passion and vision and I look forward to the next five-to-ten years of continuing to promote responsible fishing and clean water. And, to think it all started because I like conch fritters and pina coladas!

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