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Not everyone knows that when buy a cool-looking Guy Harvey t-shirt, you’re helping your ocean environment. For each shirt you buy, part of the money goes to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. Now, Guy has taken that a step further. The team at Guy Harvey Sportswear has teamed up with Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) to help support and promote the Rigs To Reefs program.


Every time someone buys a Rigs to Reefs t-shirt it does two things. 1) It supports the ongoing efforts of the Coastal Conservation Association and 2) It gives you a freaking cool looking shirt to rock around in. So now you can be hip while helping protect the waters and sea life to you have grown to love.


The shirts extremely comfortable like most all Guy Harvey Shirts because its printed one the classic 100% cotton ring spun pocketed tee. The design is built to take on multiple washes and not fade.


The Story Behind Rigs To Reefs


Soon after an oil rig is built it starts to attract large populations of fish, sponges and living coral, becoming an essential part of the ocean habitat. As all fishermen and divers know, sea life thrives around these oil platforms. Here is some great video footage that was caught off a oil rig camera. It shows just how life can thrive at the bottom of these structures. Grouper Eats Amberjack. However, there is now a move afoot to remove non-producing wells from our offshore waters. To do this would be destroying a tremendous amount of habitat that helps to support sustainable fish populations. The Rigs-to-Reef program allows oil companies to make an underwater reef out of a decommissioned oil platforms by taking the structure that is above the surface and placing it underwater, thereby expanding the amount of potential habitat. This is a much more cost-effective and less destructive way to address platforms and it accomplishes an even greater goal – it transforms these rigs into a home for our sea life. 


In recent news by the Coastal Conservation Association A request to have the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council begin the process of classifying rigs and other vital artificial reefs as Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) was unanimously approved by the Council at its April meeting in Corpus Christi, Texas.


To Learn More about Rigs to Reefs please visit: http://joincca.org/media%20room/RTR_home.htm


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