By Hilary Kotoun | Sailor for the Sea

In honor of Earth Day, Sailors for the Sea is launching their new Green Boating Guide just in time for the spring boat preparation season!


Sailors for the Sea partnered with Bonnier Publishing to survey the subscribers of Cruising World and Sailing World to see what they thought or knew about ocean health issues.

  • 79% of boaters are concerned about ocean health
  • 67% feel that plastic pollution is the one of our most pressing problems
  • 75% are concerned about the future of the ocean for their children or grandchildren
  • 97% want more information about what they can do to help protect the waters they love

This new Green Boating Guide it is the go-to resource for quick, easy to understand information featuring 24 topics that affect all boaters, power or sail, and offers practical information to show the best possible course of action for boating in an environmentally responsible way. The guide features a wealth of information on maintenance and running a boat in an efficient manner that will help boaters save money and avoid costly environmental mistakes.

While many of us enjoy the spectacular recreational activities that the ocean offers, it provides so much more. When we protect the ocean and our local waterways, we are also taking action for our personal health and well-being.

The guide is currently available in two ways:

On our website:
You can also download the full PDF at:
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