by Chris Willmott | Solihull Observer

Chris Willmott | Solihull Observer

Chris Willmott | Solihull Observer

FOR MANY people a trip to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the many wonderful marine creatures you could only dream of seeing if you went diving off sea shores around the world.

But it is more than that, writes Observer editor Chris Willmott.

Yes, it’s a fantastic place to see a beautiful turtle swimming around you in the underground tunnel tank, a place to see sharks swimming just inches away from you, a place to see starfish up close and personal (especially gratifying after two weeks of daily searching without success for them on holiday in Devon), a place to see seahorses and rays and last but definitely by no means least, a place to see penguins – the show stealers at every wildlife venue we have ever taken our daughter too.

But it is definitely more than that.

The Sea Life Centre here in Birmingham – and at the company’s numerous other venues around the world – is a key player in the world of marine conservation, caring for animals, fighting their causes, undertaking successful breeding schemes and, without people even realising it, nurturing a passion for all the creatures in every person that comes through their centre’s doors. Read more…

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