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Shawn Heinrichs – Sea Hero of the Year – Award at DEMA 2011


Guy Harvey Magazine is delighted to learn that Shawn Heinrichs, a favorite contributor of GHM, will be awarded the 2011 Sea Hero of the Year award at DEMA this year.  

Join us in congratulating Shawn for the deserved recognization of ‘providing a voice’ for our greatest natural resource – the Oceans.

Shawn Heinrichs’ contributions to Guy Harvey Magazine include :

Fall 2010 (Issue 2)The 4 Lies of Shark Fin Soup by Chuck Thompson | Photos by Shawn Heinrichs, Justin Ebert

Winter 2011 (Issue 3): Swimming with Tigers by Shawn Heinrichs | Photos by Shawn Heinrichs, Jim Abernethy

Fall 2011 (Issue 6): Dance to the Death by Shawn Heinrichs | Photos by Shawn Heinrichs


Official Announcement

Bonnier’s Scuba Diving magazine has awarded its top honor of the year to Shawn Heinrichs, a shark conservationist who for years has been dedicated to the fight against shark finning. Scuba Diving, along with title sponsor Oris Watches, will present its 2011 Sea Hero of the Year award and a $5,000 prize to Heinrichs at the sport’s biggest event of the year, DEMA, Thursday, Nov. 3.

“When I met Shawn years ago I realized that here was someone doing great things for our planet, but who was also largely going unnoticed,” said David Espinosa, editor of Scuba Diving. “While we featured five great conservationists in 2011, I couldn’t think of a more deserving winner of Sea Hero of the Year.”

In his fight against finning, Heinrichs works closely with government and nongovernment agencies to create Marine Protected Areas all over the world. He was instrumental in helping get a shark sanctuary created in remote Raja Ampat, Indonesia, through front-line reporting with great images and video footage.

In keeping with his cause, Heinrichs has already pledged the $5,000 award from Oris toward the purchase of a ranger patrol boat for the sanctuary. In addition, the creation of a matching program will be announced by him along with the magazine and Oris at the award ceremony to find donors who can help complete the funding for this important sanctuary. The ceremony will be held at 2:00 p.m. at the Scuba Diving booth (#1623) at next week’s DEMA event.

Scuba Diving’s Sea Hero program incorporates an editorial feature highlighting “real people” who are trying to make a positive contribution to the environment or the aquatic world in general. Heinrichs was selected as the Sea Hero of the Year from a group of five finalists who also included renowned author Carl Safina, kids ocean educator Annie Crawley, conservation photographer Georgienne Bradley and leatherback turtle protector Larry McKenna.


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