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January 27, 2012
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January 27, 2012

Solution to Lionfish Invasion – Eat ‘Em!

In the very first issue of Guy Harvey Magazine we reported on the tragic lionfish invasion. If you didn’t see the article, it goes like this: Lionfish are native to the Indo-Pacific waters and they’re a popular aquarium fish because of their majestically adorned spines and suave brown and white stripes. However, in the past couple of years their population has been exploding – not in the Pacific but in the Caribbean and Bahamian waters. How? Well one popular theory is that some aquariums were swallowed up by Hurricane Andrew in Miami in 1992, spilling lionfish into the wild. However, that fish tale has been recounted because the first sighting was actually in 1985, so the invasion is most likely the result of multiple releases over time. Regardless of the source, the fact is that lionfish have no natural predators in the Atlantic and Caribbean. And they’ve spread like wildfire, leaving a path of carnage in the wake. Now divers and fishermen are fighting back. The good news: Lionfish are delicious. The bad news: their spines can deliver a wicked sting.

Fortunately, Lad Adkins, Director of REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation) has a video showing how to clean lionfish without getting spined (I made that word up).
REEF also has a new cookbook with 45 lionfish recipes. So get out there and help cleanse our reefs of lionfish. Then cook ‘em up for dinner. That’s a fish fry that is also good for the ecosystem. Make sure you follow local hunting regulations before you go blasting away on sensitive reefs.
To order the cook book go to: http://www.reef.org/catalog/cookbook 


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