May 31, 2012

Lionfish In The Cayman Islands

The spread of Lionfish in the Bahamas and Caribbean is problematic for native species. Written by Guy Harvey In recent years the Indo-Pacific lionfish has spread from the SE coast of the USA throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean as far north as Bermuda and as far south as Venezuela. They […]
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March 16, 2012

Tree Huggers and Hunters Unite!…to Kill Lionfish

A lionfish, nicely speared. Photo by Ty Sawyer. Two years ago Guy Harvey Magazine reported on the massive lionfish invasion. Recently, this has become a magma hot story. Dan Rather did a report, scads of mags and newspapers are running myriad stories and Guy Harvey Magazine did a follow up […]
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January 27, 2012

Solution to Lionfish Invasion – Eat ‘Em!

In the very first issue of Guy Harvey Magazine we reported on the tragic lionfish invasion. If you didn’t see the article, it goes like this: Lionfish are native to the Indo-Pacific waters and they’re a popular aquarium fish because of their majestically adorned spines and suave brown and white […]
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