Fred Garth

Editor in Chief

Fred GarthFred Garth began his career as a sports writer for a daily newspaper before cell phones and microwave ovens. In the 30 years since, he has worked for media giants such as the New York Times, Gannett Inc. and National Geographic. He has launched more than a dozen print magazines, numerous websites and serves on many conservation organizations. His passion for fishing and love of writing about it, along with his lifelong conservation efforts, make Guy Harvey Magazine a perfect fit.

Nathan Dillaha

Art Director


Nathan is our Art Director who handles all the layout and design of the magazine. A graduate of the Pensacola State College design program, he has been “journeyman of the visual arts” in the Gulf Coast area for the past 5 years. Nathan is also a professional musician having played guitar and toured the US with a number of bands over the past decade. He has two pups (Bigsby and Babygrrl), and when he’s not clicking away on a computer or riffing on a guitar, he enjoys riding motorcycles, wrenching on old cars, traveling and hiking.

Daryl Carson

Managing Editor

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A native of the Gulf Coast, Daryl has been editing and writing for outdoor enthusiast magazines for nearly two decades. He proudly identifies as a “half-neck,” embracing both a love of literary pursuits and a deep appreciation for shootin’ stuff. He’s also a bona fide fishing freak, having hooked his first speckled trout at the tender age of 6 on a white and pink stingray grub. Each issue of GHM Daryl works with contributors to craft and refine each story, news blurb and product review, striving to make every page both informative and flavorful.

Maura Jones

Circulation Director

Maura Profile Pic BW

Don’t let that sweet, demure smile fool you.  Maura runs a tight ship at the Guy Harvey Magazine office.  Aside from making sure everyone receives their highly anticipated issues of the magazine on time, she does pretty much everything and anything you can imagine to keep the magazine running smoothly.  Maura is a world traveler, recently returned home.  She spent numerous years touring the globe with her family band and has finally settled back in Pensacola to enjoy the “toes in the sand” lifestyle.

JJ Waters

Director of Sales & Marketing

unnamed-2 After her first job as a mermaid at Gulf World (true story) JJ took off into the Real World to try to learn a little something that could actually provide a living.  After learning a little something, she joined a troupe of radio announcers and launched into a career in the exciting world of broadcasting.  She discovered that she was pretty good at telling people what to do.   (With their advertising. And marketing!) She’s not bossy, like that.  At least as far as we know.  BUT, being the mermaid that she was, (and a pretty good angler, if she must say so, herself) she yearned for the sea.  One day, this GUY came along and offered her a job. On the water. In a boat.  With a rod, and a pen, and a calculator, oh and a laptop) And the moral of this story is: if you want the most creative ideas and successful marketing campaigns, you need to call JJ. Or take her fishing.