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Many of your fans think of you only as a marine artist but you’re a biologist and serious conservationist. What is the single most important conservation issue facing us today?
The single most important conservation issue facing us today is the explosion of the human population. All other conservation issues have this as their cause. 

More and more fishermen are becoming stewards of the oceans. What can the average fisherman do to help the environment?
The average angler can be a responsible fisherman by adopting a number of simple practices. Save unused fishing line and terminal tackle, drive your boat in a responsible manner, don’t litter, don’t pollute water, fish according to rules and regulations that govern the area and the species targeted. Kill only what you are going to eat, and release the rest of your catch in a responsible manner, to ensure survival. Join a local and a regional conservation group or chapter, and stay informed about developments or law changes in the industry. 

Has your commitment to the environment always been a part of your DNA or was there a defining moment that converted you?
Conservation was learned from my parents, even though we had an abundance of fish in Jamaica in the mid 1950s and 60s. However, some of the most striking wastefulness was seen in the results of bottom trawls, shrimp trawls, and long lining in the 1970s which really focused me on wanting to study marine sciences, particularly fish biology and ecology.

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