Guy Harvey

Do you have a favorite subject to paint?
I like painting any nature, but preferably marine subject matter. I prefer to paint ocean game-fish. The more beautiful they are the more I like to paint them, such as yellow-fin tuna and striped marlin are amongst the most beautiful of all fish. Dolphin fish as well. Roosterfish are amazing to paint.

Favorite medium?
My favorite medium is watercolor. I got started in pen and ink drawings and still do a lot of those. Both media have limitations in size, so I like to do large work in acrylic or oil paint. Photography is a fifth art form I regularly use.

Favorite lure?
For blue marlin fishing, my favorite lure is a black and purple, wide-range Mold Craft Soft Head lure. For wahoo, I like a black and red Hawaiian Eye over a ballyhoo trolled fast. For deep jigging tuna, grouper, and AJs nothing beats the old iron.

Favorite fish to catch?
Many fish can be a favorite, it just depends what you are after that day. Nothing beats a blue marlin bite and the ensuing battle, but then the first run of a wahoo, or a big yellow-fin can also be very exciting.

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