After 43 years in the marine industry, Sea Eagle co-owner Cecil Hoge has pretty much seen it all. But, as a supporter of electric propulsion, he can’t wait to see what comes next. Taking his own line of boats into the future, Hoge recently introduced a new inflatable yacht tender, 10.6 SRRIK, powered by a Torqeedo Travel 1003 electric motor and Power Film solar panel.

 “Electric motors are quiet and the best part is you don’t have to deal with gasoline,” said Hoge. “We’ve been a Torqeedo dealer for over two years and they’re the only electric motor company to produce useful propulsion. Many electric motors on the market today can’t even move through tides or strong winds.”

“Torqeedo stands alone in the electric propulsion market,” said Hoge. “They have no competition.”

The new Sea Eagle 10.6 SRRIK features a drop stitch floor, patent-pending drop-stitch outside keel and weighs only 93 lbs. The Torqeedo 1003 short shaft motor weighs only 19.6 lbs and its integral lithium battery weighs only 9.9 lbs. The bimini-mounted Power Film solar panel weighs less than 4 lbs.

More powerful and stronger than previous models, the Travel 1003 has a 520 Wh lithium battery, which can be charged with the 45 watt, 24V Power Film solar panel. While under power, the solar panel continues to charge the Torqeedo motor, significantly extending its range. Fully fresh and saltwater-proof, it can also be rigged for remote throttle with its removable tiller arm.

The 10.6 SRRIK delivers tremendous stability and razor-sharp turning abilities with its inflated drop-stitch external keel, giving the same performance as heavier floorboard models. This inflatable craft measures 10’6″ x 5’4″. It has a weight capacity of 1,200 lbs. More information on Sea Eagle’s 10.6 SRRIK can be found at


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