Kayak angling is the second fastest-growing outdoor sport, and is now generating competitions on a national level. The inaugural Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship was held March 19–20 on Kentucky Lake in Paris, Tennessee. Sponsored by Torqeedo, a long-time advocate of small boat fishing, the winner of the event took home $32K.

Chad Hoover, popular TV host and kayak angling superstar, organized the championship and helped local clubs with qualifying events. This identified anglers who would move on to compete for the national title.

Over 200 anglers gathered from every corner of the United States to participate. Competitors persevered through two days of cold weather and high wind to vie for the highest payout ever recorded for a kayak bass fishing event. Matt Ball, part of the Mountain State Kayak Anglers group from West Virginia, brought home the grand prize totaling over $32,000 for his five-fish stringer.


No longer restricted to docks and deep water, kayak fishermen are discovering shallower and more remote fishing spots—where the biggest fish reside. Torqeedo developed the first electric propulsion system specifically for this application, the Ultralight 403. Weighing just 16 lbs., including its powerful lithium battery, the motor is the propulsion system of choice for many professional kayak anglers.

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