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February 6, 2012
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February 7, 2012

Ultimate Shark Challenge

Combining the Goals of Sport, Science and Conservation

With a forward-thinking eye on the future, we are proudly responding to the growing and challenging demands of sustainable necessity facing the planet’s marine resources. From the win-win perspective of an environmentally sound and viable business model, the USC is developing and producing ‘The Next Generation Tournament Shark Fishing Model’ through strategic alliances with its sponsors, partners and supporters.

This proactive alternative to the more traditional harvest tournament format will be clearly demonstrated through the exciting integration of high-stakes competitions, cutting-edge research, ground breaking and purposeful entertainment value, public education and international mainstream awareness. By embracing the future with an innovative commitment to the environment, the Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge will be recognized as the new gold standard for responsible competitive shark fishing.

“Simply put, our aim with this event is to combine the goals of recreational sport, scientific research and conservation in a collaborative step towards a healthy and sustainable future for sharks and their marine habitats.”

Sean Paxton & Brooks Paxton II


GH-USC Creators, Directors, Research and Education Coordinators, Executive Producers


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